Pegasus Semiconductor Limited has been founded by Dr.Sudhindra Tatti- an eminent name in the Semiconductor and Solar Industry with over 20 years experience in the same field.He is an IIT Alumnus and a Ph.D in Materials Science from University of Texas. From the beginning, the focus of founder has been on deriving greatest economic value from solar energy which led to the adoption of LEDs and Thin-Film technology. These two technologies along with optimal design techniques have been the core strengths of the company.

Pegasus is a systems integrator in the energy efficient lighting business providing a range of products like Solar-LED home-lighting system, Solar LED streetlights, 220V LED streetlights and Solar Power Packs. As mentioned above, with a focus on LEDs, Thin-Films and optimal design techniques, Pegasus has been able to develop products which are highly reliable and elegant. Our products have an immediate 2x-3x cost advantage over conventional solar products of comparable quality and performance with payback periods now in the more reasonable durations of 2-4 years. While these advantages are immediate, we have a very clear strategy for further price reductions through technology alliances at which point the demand will be insatiable.

Pegasus has already done numerous installations in the rural and urban areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and other parts of the country. The company intends to bring solar energy into the country’s core energy infrastructure for semi-rural and urban areas within a span of  few years by altering the economic proposition.

Pegasus is also a green consultancy firm which specializes in providing energy conservation solutions to institutes, housing societies, corporate and government bodies. We derive consultancy strengths from our manufacturing capability of green products and hence are not just limited to reports but actual installations. We have already worked on solving energy crisis problems for some high profile clients.



Pegasus is supported financially by the venture capitalist firm GVFL (Gujarat Venture Finance Limited). We welcome more investors with an opportunity to invest in a business in the renewable energy sector with a strong social commitment. Our management team is committed, passionate and well rounded to create a truly respectable, global and influential business entity in a short span of time


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