Apart from the installations of solar and LED based lighting systems, we provide consultancy and installations for lighting and other power saving mechanisms to make places green and reduce overall operating costs. Our services include -


Renewable Energy Investment Strategy
For large places like a state, district, village etc we help government bodies and other organizations to devise strategy for clean energy investment most suitable for the place. This encompasses a study on the present situation of affairs, the investments that have happened so far, the available resources in the region and conducting a feasibility analysis. We also play a part in the final implementation of the project.


Due Diligence of the area
For smaller places like campuses, our team of experts conducts a due diligence of the entire area to be turned green. This entails conducting surveys and collecting data of usage and wastage, which is generally not easily visible to the eye.  We understand that everyone has unique needs and this process ensures that we get enough information to provide custom based solution, best suited to the campus rather than an ad hoc one.

Market survey and Identification of suppliers
To provide the best solution to our client, we keep ourselves abreast of the latest trends in the market. We conduct market surveys for each project to identify the best products and suppliers. We already have an established network of suppliers which offer the best products and maintenance/services and keep updating it with the market research.

Providing the optimal solution
Carrying out a cost benefit analysis of the data collected to come up with a green solution that makes the most economic sense. This would mean for example ensuring optimal light levels, optimal usage of air conditioning systems, pumps etc. With this study, we design the whole operational plan of the project.

We carry out the installation of products in the campus suited for lighting, mainly LED and solar based systems. Lighting usually comprises of more than 70% of the installations recommended. For everything else, we identify suppliers who can carry out installation and provide maintenance and service.

Carbon Credits and Subsidies

We also carry out the process to avail carbon credits, subsidy and depreciation benefits on behalf of the client. We have expertise to understand this aspect of green consultancy. We estimate the expected benefit out of this in our analysis, and facilitate the process of availing such benefits.

Media & Publicity

If needed, we can also carry out media publicity for the client through our network of PR agencies highlighting the socially responsible image that the campus deservedly needs after such installations.

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